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Bruce Stewart


"Cape Coral, the Water Wonterland would greatly benefit from Wayne's planning insights as a past member of the Cape Coral Water Advisory Board, member of Captains for Clean Water, licensed US Coast Guard Captain and member of the US Coast Guard Auxilliary. Add this to his 35 year background of corporate assets and budget managment and his love of Cape Coral and it's clear he's the best choice for City Council - District 6 to represent the people's growth and budget concerns."

Monika Kenney

Real Estate

"Wayne is excellent at building rapport and problem-solving. I can vouch for his ability to get the job done no matter the obstacles that stand in his way. In his businesses, no challenge is too great for him. He ensures that he gets the job done and gets it done the right way. In addition, Wayne is excellent at communicating his message to people. He not only ensures he gets his message across, but he takes time to listen and understand different perspectives. Wayne will make a great Councilman in District 6."

Joe Madia

Tax Accountant

"There is something to be said about fresh blood guiding this great city, enough of the same old promises and the same circle of friends controlling our future. Life experience counts, in politics it should not about who you know or what circle you travel in, not even how many kids you have or how long you lived here...

Wayne has a background of successes on many levels and his resilience and determination to get things done is unsurpassed."

Chad Farrell

Corporate Executive

“ I have known and worked with Wayne for many years and I am proud to endorse Wayne Hecht for City Council District 6. Wayne will fight for businesses, a strong local economy, clean air and water, as well as ensuring health care access for the community. Please join me in supporting Wayne’s campaign for City Council.”

Frank Wilson

Retired Resident

“I have known Wayne for several years and am pleased to endorse his candidacy for Cape Coral City Council. Wayne has a proven background of successes on a business and personal level. He ensures that he gets the job done and meets objectives in the timeframe that has been established. In addition, and on a personal note, Wayne was instrumental in establishing the Half Century Softball League which enables those adults over 50 to enjoy softball in a casual environment thus enriching the experience. A new, fresh face on the Cape Coral City Council will enhance the entire community as it continues to grow. I encourage everyone to support Wayne Hecht..”

Gayle Gallagher


"Wayne Hecht is an excellent choice for City Council.  He is a leader and wants to do what is right for the citizens of Cape Coral.  He is passionate about addressing clean water issues. He is a strong supporter of police, fire and emergency services. The people of Cape Coral deserve a council member who will listen and has their best interest at heart."

Jennifer Ford

Legal Assistant

“I do not live in Cape Coral however, I've known Wayne Hecht for a few years now and I can say he would be my choice for City Council.

People from Pine Island need to support this future shining star who wants to continue the integrity of Cape Coral which will in many ways will affect Pine Island and our residents. His energy and understanding of the many issues that are now impacting Cape Coral make him the only logical choice for this ever growing city.”

John Coelho

Business Development Officer

"Wayne Hecht is a co-worker and friend. In his profession he consistently proves he can complete a myriad of tasks in a very efficient and effective manner within very aggressive time-lines. 

I participate in many water sports and the health of our oceans and lakes is very important to me.  While spending time with Wayne in the water ways of Cape Coral he exhibits a great understanding of how to manage the growth of Cape Coral in a responsible manner while protecting our ocean and the environment generally. I encourage you to join me in supporting Wayne Hecht for Cape Coral City Council."

Dan Duarte

President & CEO

"I've known Wayne for years and he has always been someone whose actions and integrity reflect his words.  He consistently works hard on the matters at hand and creates a tremendous benefit to his community. Wayne will be an outstanding representative for the City of Cape Coral on City Council, District 6 and has my full endorsement and support."

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