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Maintain Our Cape Coral Lifestyle

Plan for the Future


I will be an advocate for smart growth, making sure our infrastructure keeps up with the influx of new residents, visitors and the continued population growth. I will support growth that increases property values and enhance the quality of life for all those that live, work and play in Cape Coral. 


As more people seek to relocate to our beautiful city they will need places to live. I am not in favor of "tiny house" developements. I will work to keep Cape Coral, Cape Coral.  I will vote to keep zoning in line with the master plan. 


I will work with local healthcare networks to make sure that Cape Coral has ample hospital beds to support our growth and to ensure all residents have access to the best care they can provide.


As past member of the Water Advisory Board, and current member of the USCG Auxiliary, Captains for Clean Water, a licensed boat captain and charter boat owner I am uniquely qualified to fight for the protection of the most incredible assets that we have here in Cape Coral, our waterways and wildlife. I am in favor of removing the Chiquita Lock. I will fight for creating a pass through in the Northwest spreader canal to alleviate the eventual gridlock of boats passing north and south.  A cut through in the end will actually be better for the water quality.


I am fully engaged with the community and their issues and actively promote the Arts & Culture that Cape Coral offers. As founding member and current Chairman of the Cape Coral Half Century Plus Softball League I understand the importance of City support for the parks and recreations that our community needs and loves.


As a small business owner I fully support small business growth initiatives in Cape Coral, and incentivising high paying companies to open locations in Cape Coral expanding our economy.

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